Wwoofing La Granja la Vaca Feliz

The organic farm La Granja la Vaca Feliz is part of a project called Lambrama set up by Plinio Yupanqui Carbajal in the district of Lambrama, located at 1h30 from Abancay city in the department of Apurimac, Peru.
Plinio welcomes people from everywhere wishing to do some wwoofing in an organic farm and to take part in the community activities. He has several cultivable lands mainly dedicated to corn and potatoes crops.
Lambrama is a non-profit project of ecological and social development to be benefited to the village inhabitants.
Volunteers can work on different activities: building, permaculture, agriculture, farming.
Lambrama is a village of 3500 inhabitants mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent, located between mountains.


The main square


The village

In his house, there are rooms for visitors or wwoofers who can stay as long as they want. You are provided 3 meals per day in exchange of a day of work in the farm.


View from the room






View from the room







My mission

I wanted to experience wwoofing while travelling in Latin America. I was travelling in Peru with a friend of mine, Bénédicte, and we discovered together this new way of tourism in this remote village.
The first day, we helped Plinio to carry trunks that would serve for the construction of a run for animals.
The following days we worked on different activities: permaculture cleaning (a vegetable garden in his home), digging for the run and plowing for the corn cropping.
We were lucky because Plinio took us one morning to a view point at the top of a mountain to observe condors. It was a magic moment, we stayed there around 2h, receiving the energy of mountains while meditating.
He also took us for a day trip to attend to a festival in a village which is 3h from Lambrama. The landscapes during the trip were beautiful, a mix of mountains, lakes and stones.
We attended to a corrida in the village, we could really immerse ourselves in the folklore of this region.


On the road


Peruvian corrida


This first experience of wwoofing was culturally rich insofar as we could take part in different cultural traditions; somehow we felt like we were part of the village. Besides, Lambrama is a charming village surrounded by mountains which gives it a mystic dimension.
Our host, Plinio, was very kind and cool; his favorite phrase was “no rush, no rush” (“tranquilo, tranquilo”)…
Besides, he cooked for us delicious meals with the organic vegetables freshly picked up from his garden.

If you are looking for such an experience, you can go on his website to contact him or check the wwoofing website to have access to the wwoofers worldwide.






Pulling a horse










A magic day in the mountains

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