My Eco-Sense project

Trying to be an eco-responsible consumer and actor in daily life as much as I can, I felt the necessity for a long time to be part of a project based on sustainable development not only to widen my knowlegde in this domain but also to prove that ecological and social solutions exist all around the world.
And what’s the better way to fully appreciate the social and ecological stakes of the planet Earth than doing an eco-around-the-world trip? Then, I made the choice to combine 2 passions: nature and travel.

Thus, in 2015, I decided to implement a project with deep sense, called Eco-Sense Tour,  which is based on two topics that are important to me: nature conservation and social equalities.

The aim of this project is not only to travel around the world as a common globetrotter would do. But to travel with a special purpose: taking part in social and environmental volunteering missions throughtout the world and report some positive ecological and social actions taken by local or international organizations.

The ambition of this project is to share positive solutions in order to inspire people.
Those solutions represent a small step towards change

Let the eco-adventure begins!!!





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