Agrisud International

Agrisud International is an organization of International Solidarity, founded in 1992, that aims at supporting agriculture in 13 southern countries (Brazil, Cambodia, Gabon, India, Laos, Morocco, Niger, DR Congo, Senegal, Tunisia, Haiti, Madagascar) in order to optimize the economic development of local producers and fight against poverty.
Agrisud International is present in Cambodia since 1995. The organization helped in the creation of a local NGO Agri-Cam to support local agriculture.
Since 2011, Agrisud implemented a project of diversification of peri-urban agriculture in Siem Reap and fight against malnutrition. This project supports 820 small farmers families around 15 km from Siem Reap.
Siem Reap represents the first touristic destination in Cambodia. This growing tourism implies a significant demand in fresh products on local markets whereas local farmers struggle to produce a sufficient quantity of products.
Agriculture is an important sector in Cambodia since it employs nearly 80% of the population, although it is seasonal and not diversified to meet its own demand. As a result, local producers only represent 11% of suppliers on local markets (89% coming from neighbored countries like Vietnam and China) such as Phsar Leu and are obliged to sell their products to middlemen at a low price.

The project relies on different activities:
– Training on agro-ecology techniques for intensification and diversification of production
– Training in farming management (economy, accountancy etc..)
– Technical supports
– Support in structuration of farmers association
– Promotion of local products’ value and marketing and sales support


Agrisud International office in Siem Reap


Project in peri-urban agriculture in Siem Reap

My mission

My mission consisted of intervening as a marketing support to help promoting and enhancing local products to consumers in Siem Reap city.
First, I supported the marketing team by developing new communication and promotion tools (flyers, posters etc..).
Agrisud had established a group of producers whose main customers were in catering and hospitality sector.
This group called SHAPE (Siem Reap Healthy Agro-Products Ensemble) gathers producers from Krabei Real commune and offers a wide selection of fresh local products throughout the year.
One person of the group is in charge of delivering fresh products to high standard hotels and restaurants and one person is in charge of gathering the orders.

photo 2

SHAPE leaflet

photo 1

Range of vegetables for orders









SHAPE Logo and contact

Knowing the growing demand of local vegetables on local markets, Agrisud wanted to create a new group of producers that would offer products for wholesalers and retailers on local markets. As a result, Agrisud rented a stand in Samuki market
This new group called SLV (Sustainable Local Vegetables) gathers local products from other farms and is represented by two saleswomen at the stand everyday.
I intervened in the creation of this new group: its visual identity and its promotion supports.


photo 3

SLV group leaflet


On the other hand, with the team we organized an event called From Field to Wok to promote SHAPE group to Big Chef from famous restaurants and hotels.
We invited around 40 Chefs to cook and taste local products from SHAPE Group at lunch in a farmer’s property.


From Field to Wok


SLV group







The Big Chefs







The Agrisud team


Organic pepper








Organic vegetables presentation


Organic vegetables presentation








Finally, I presented a marketing strategies power point to the team in order to give them basic ideas about marketing and recommendations to promote the two groups and enhance sales.
This volunteering was a great experience insofar as I could visit small farmers around Siem Reap city and have an overview of their work. I could notice their pride and passion about their organic products as well as their wish to promote it in Siem Reap city.

To learn more about Agrisud International actions around the world or make donations, click here!




A woman farmer


A farmer with her children


Zucchini plantation




Salad production


Lotus flowers



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