A little about me

Hello I am Julie, I am 32!IMG_1048

After a childhood in New Caledonia, a French island located in the Pacific Ocean, I moved to France for my studies.

Growing up in such an idyllic place would be the dream of any single person; a small and peaceful piece of land with a rich biodiversity at about 15 000 kilometers from Europe.

This priviledged contact with nature made me even more concerned about the environmental and social issues and the necesity to preserve the planete before it’s too late.

I would describe myself somehow as an idealistic and dreamy person but I strongly believe that we can make things evolve in a positive way and that everybody can be an actor of change….

I started my professional career in the marketing and management area and after a while decided to discover a human-related service: Human Resources. After spending two years in the HR service of a company in Paris, I needed some change in my life so I quit my job in February 2015 to make a move towards a new experience that makes sense to me…travelling around the work to report and share socio-environmental solutions and take part in volunteering.


I love

nature, animals, healthy food and gastronomy, yoga, hiking, running, music, naturopathy, aromatherapy, photography, ecology, sociology, psychology….

dancing all night long, travelling and feeling the world, meeting people, walking bare foot, the smell of the toast in the morning, listening to the sound of birds and waves, feeling my body after exercice…

I don’t like

injustice, hypocrisy, conflicts, the lack of curiosity, serious people, negative people…

being hurried up when awaking, being obliged to do something I don’t want to, administrative tasks, tidying my room, that people get angry, the subway, cheese…





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