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Logo EcocampEcocamp Patagonia is for eco-conscious travelers the best place to stay in Patagonia!
Ecocamp was established in 2001 by the Chilean tour operator Cascada Expediciones specialized in adventure tours.
Their idea was to develop and encourage eco-friendly tourism in this pure and natural area that is Torres del Paine in the Chilean part of Patagonia.
The camp is committed to base its management on sustainable principles such as waste management, renewable energy, local food and local employment.
They privileged sustainable and energy-saving technologies such as: renewal energy supply (40% of energy is solar and 60% hydro-electric), waste management (organic compost, recycling) and they only use propane gaz to heat water.

In 2008 Ecocamp Patagonia became a Carbon Neutral Company and the first hotel in Chile and the only in Patagonia to be certified Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and Quality Management System (ISO9001).

Ecocamp 1

Ecocamp – Source Ecocamp Patagonia


Suite Dome – Source Ecocamp Patagonia

Ecocamp 2

Camp and Torres – Source Ecocamp Patagonia

In addition to the accommodation, you can choose among many activities and tours while respecting the wildlife: hiking, yoga, fly fishing, cycling, W trekking, puma tracking, horse riding and many other adventures sports!

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