Ecoandino is a Peruvian company that produces traditional organic superfoods from the Andean and Amazonian biodiversity since 1998.
They work with small farmers who get trainings, technical advise and financial support for the development of their organic culture. The products come from different regions of Peru: Oxapampa, Junin, Satipo, Pampas, Huanta, Concepcion, Jauja and Huanuco.
The company’s mission is to produce in an ecological way while contributing to improve the living conditions of farmers and all the actors of the process.

Ecoandino’s products meet global food requirements and is certified organic USDA, EU and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) and is a member of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization).

Those healthy products are called “superfood” because they contain a higher quantity of nutrients (vitamins, antioxidants and minerals) than other fruits and vegetables. Ecoandino sell roots, fruits or plants that have medicinal benefits such as maca, raw cocoa, lucuma, camu camu or physalis fruit.

Need to get more energy? Use superfood in your salad, soup or simply in your organic juices!

Ecoandino 2

Superfood – Source Ecoandino


Ecoandino superfood

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