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The Osa Peninsula, named by National Geographic as “the most biologically intense place on earth“, is a wild area of 700 square miles located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

It is considered as the most significant wetland ecosystem and mangrove forests of Central America and the largest remaining tract of lowland rainforest in Pacific Mesoamerica.
The Osa Peninsula is home to a rich diversity of fauna and flora: 323 endemic species of plants and vertebrates, an uncountable number of scarlet macaws, 4,000 vascular plants, around 10,000 insects, more than 700 species of trees, 463 species of bird, 140 mammals and 4 species of sea turtles

OSA Conservation is a nonprofit organization that intervenes in this natural area of Costa Rica to protect its biodiversity, that is one of the richest of the world.
The OSA Conservation’s mission relies on the protection of the ecosystem by mainly creating biological corridors and wildlife refuge and  restoring damaged ecosystems; the promotion of a responsible environment and sustainable practices among the communities; and the support and host of scientists worldwide researchers to learn how to preserve the species.

They work on many environmental projects such as the sea turtle conservation program.
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How you can help?

You can be an eco-volunteer and intervene in one of these different projects: Sea Turtle savings, Big Cats Tracking, OSA’s forests restoration or Sustainable food System building.
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You can make a donation!


OSA Wildland – Source OSA Conservation

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