ASVO logoASVO (Association of Volunteers for service in protected areas) is a nonprofit-based NGO created 25 years ago to protect the environment in Costa Rica.

ASVO’s main objective is to protect the natural heritage of Costa Rica while allowing people to get involved in the conservation of it. To do so, the organization developed eco-volunteer programs in 28 different areas of the country and the contribution of 2300 volunteers helped in the conservation projects so far.

Since the creation of the Sea Turtle conservation projects, 7,837 nests and 684 548 eggs have been rescued and more than 510,661 hatchlings have been released to the sea.

Turtle 2

Baby turtle heading to life – Source ASVO

ASVO works in three strategic areas:

  • Conservation: they work with the Brigade against Forest Fires and other entities to protect the natural patrimony
  • Investigation: research projects and data collection that contributes to the conservation of protected areas
  • Education: they receive interns in their Conservation stations in order to give them access to field experiments

How you can help?

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Watch this video to have an overview of what they concretely do!

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