Healing House Cuzco

Healing House is creative and healing center based in Cusco; it is established to inspire the awakening of consciousness of people seeking physical and spiritual well-being. Cuzco, as the capital city of the Incas, is known to be a very energetic city, thereby it is the best place to heal the body and the soul.

At Healing House, therapists and volunteers, coming from all over the world, work to help people to find their balance through creativity to release their talents and find their potential. They offer different healing therapies such as yoga, Reiki, meditation, massage, acupuncture, oracle readings, expressive art therapy, sound healing or simple creative activities such as gardening and cooking.
In brief, Healing House aims at facilitating the energetic harmonization of people thanks to an holistic-based approach.

Seeking energetic balance, peace of mind or just a relaxing time? Go to the Healing House and choose the holistic and natural therapy that you need or enjoy a yoga class!

Healing House Cuzso
Qanchipata 555, Cusco Perú



Yoga Art – Source Healing House

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