Organic Farm Vang Vieng

Organic Farm Vang Vieng (OFVV) is a charming farm located at 5-10 km from Vang Vieng town.
It was founded by Mr. Thanongsi Sorangkoun in 1996 who wanted to introduce organic permaculture methods to visitors and local people.
The farm uses natural materials and traditional methods for the agriculture and animals raising without using any chemicals.
The aim is to promote and to provide organic healthy food and lifestyle while supporting local people through community projects.

The farm produces organic mulberry trees (for mulberry tea and tempura, wine and shakes), fruits, vegetables, poultry and goat cheese and you can taste those delicious products at their organic restaurant.

Farm tour & farm stay

You can come to the Organic Farm Vang Vieng for a day visit and have a guided farm tour with the presentation of the organic farming techniques and stay overnight in a dormitory room, a bungalow or a natural mud house.
You can decide to do some kayaking or cave exploration or simply enjoy the farming atmosphere by taking part in the fruit picking or goat milking while relaxing and contemplating the mountains across the river.


For those who want to have a longer immersion and want to take part in the farm development and contribute to the education of the local population, you have the opportunity to be a volunteer!
Whatever it is for manual activities such as digging or cropping, for animals caring, English teaching or many other activities, feel free to join the farm (preferably two weeks or more) and bring your support to improve the farm infrastructure and the community living conditions!

For more information about volunteering, visit their website!

Vang Vieng Organic Farm
PO Box 253 Vang Vieng
Vientiane Province


OFVV crops – Source OFVV



Mulberry – Source OFVV



Nam Song River – Source OFVV

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