MulberriesMulberries is a Lao social enterprise founded in 1976 by Kommaly Chanthavong along with the creation of the Phontong Handicraft Cooperative whose aim was to create work for Lao people while reviving Lao traditional practices of silk production in an eco-friendly way.
The Camacrafts cooperative joined the project in 1990 to gather handicraft artistic techniques using traditional patterns and needlework techniques from Lao villages women to encourage them to create sources of income with those cultural heritages.

The Phontong Handicraft Cooperative counted first 10 members (poor women weavers) for the production of silk and became bigger with the creation of Mulberries organic silk farm in Xiang Khouag province in 1993.
Today the cooperative comprises 3,000 farmers, weavers and artisans from over 200 village families, which strongly contribute to the social and economic development of remote communities.
Mulberries is part of the World Fair Trade Organization and is certified Laos Organic.


In the farm, women can learn how to raise silkworms coming from mulberry trees grown with organic fertilizers, how to make natural dyes and to weave traditional patterns.
In 2005, Kommaly was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to strengthening the position of women by giving them a decent income.

They encourage sustainable development and promote envrionmental awareness in Lao villages while improving the livelihood of the people they work with.


Organic green tea – Source Mulberries


Blue scarf – Source Mulberries


Silk protein soap – Source Mulberries








Come and have a look at the Mulberries shop in Vientiane, you may be tempted by the colorful scarves, the organic herbal tea or the bath & body organic products!

Mulberries Shop in Vientiane
Nokeokoummane Road, Mixai Village.
Across the Duang Duean Hotel

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