Bolaven Plateau CPC

CPCThe Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative is made of 1855 smallholders families in three Lao districts: Paksong, Laongam and Thateng. This region became famous for its coffee plantations since the French brought coffee to the Bolaven Plateau a century ago and the good climatic and geological conditions favored the coffee growing and quality.

This cooperative contributes to improve the living conditions of the coffee producers by providing them with technical assistance, marketing and communication support as well as financial support.

The Cooperative is composed of a General Assembly, the Board of Directory (five producers representatives), the Control Committee and the staff (23 employees) who are separated in 4 departments: the Technical Department, the Administrative and Financial Department, the Marketing Department and the Factory and Laboratory Department.

The cooperative controls the entire production chain in order to provide customers the best quality coffee.
Since 2009, the CPC and its 1855 members are Fair Trade certified (FLO International) ensuring that the CPC contributes to the social and economic development of the smallholders. Likewise, the CPC is organic certified for European (EU), Asian (IFOAM) and Northern American (NOP) markets.
Since the coffee produced can meet the export requirements in terms of quality and certifications, green coffee is exported and roasted coffee is mostly for the Lao market.

Meet one of the 1855 producers to know everything about the coffee production from crop to cup and taste their delicious coffees and teas!
You can book a day trip visit in travel agencies directly from Pakse (South of Laos).


Tasting house




Tea trees plantations


CPC presentation


Drying tea leaves

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