Entrepreneurs du Monde


Entrepreneurs du Monde is a French NGO founded in 1998 that takes action in 11 developing countries and collaborates with 20 local partners following the principles of the Social business.

The objective of Entrepreneurs du Monde is to help people to improve their living conditions by bringing support for their economic activities and giving them access to health, environmental and economic services or infrastructures.

The NGO actions comprise 3 areas of intervention:

  • Social micro-finance
    It aims at helping female market traders, hairdressers, dressmakers, farmers and other autonomous workers by providing them with financial services (loans etc..) and socio-economic services such as training sessions.
    Getting managerial skills and treasury enable them to develop their own activity and to have decent daily lives.
  • Social entrepreneurship
    To facilitate the access to energy by encouraging the distribution of products such as gas or charcoal stoves, solar-powered lamps, spirulina and housing. This area of action promotes social and environmental innovation which benefits the local families. It enables the development of a local network of independent social enterprises managed by local entrepreneurs.
  • Creation of Very Small Businesses (VSB)
    Entrepreneurs du Monde selects potential local activities or services that are willing to help the development of local economies and create employment in poor and precarious regions. Very Small Businesses are therefore created with the support of the NGO that guides the business people during all the phases of the business (creation, development etc..).
    They also benefits from the organization special training for managerial issues.

What do they do in Cambodia?

In 2006, Entrepreneurs du Monde created Chamroeun to operate in Phnom Penh  and then in the provinces. It also supported the development of microfinance activities of Sovann Phoum during 4 years, before the partnership ended in 2011.

Since 2013, the NGO has been working on a new programme, SOKSAN, enabling to facilitate access to modern and economic energy to all the families.
Indeed, 75% of Cambodian families don’t have access to the electricity network. They use basic lighting and electrical power sources such as motorcycle or car batteries, kerosene lamps, candles etc..
As a result, the NGO created Pteah Baitong (“Green House”) in 2014. This network distributes solarpowered equipment for lighting, charging phones, air conditioning, etc.
For more information about Pteah Baitong programme, click here!

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