Go GO GreenThe Go-Go-Green society is a non-profit environmental NGO founded by Ian Carter in Kuching (Sarawak state of Malaysian Borneo).

The objective of the organization is to create awareness among visitors of their booths (at shopping malls) about the harm that plastic causes to the environment and, in turn, ourselves.

There is much to do to preserve the environment by reducing the high volume of plastic that is polluting the ecosystem and using a re-usable shopping bag every time we go shopping.

The organization uses self-created posters depicting caricatures and simple messages as campaign supports.
Ian Carter also issues a bulletin handout, GreeNews, giving information on the environment, tips on recycling and re-using common materials found at home and distributes sometime environmental-friendly shopping bags made of cloth for free to anyone.

“God gave us this world, not only to enjoy its fruits but also to care for it. We are called to be good stewards and therefore it is everybody’s duty to do his or her bit for the environment.”“The world environment is at peril and there are many reasons for this. Apart from the impact of wanton human activity on the land and the water masses, the large scale usage of plastics and their improper disposal is another major contributor for the elevation of green house gases that directly or indirectly contribute to global warming and extremes in weather conditions,” says Ian Carter (Source The Borneo Post).

How you can be a Go-Go-Green supporter ?

Saying to the shopkeeper ’NO PLASTIC thank you’ and producing your re-usable shopping bag that you carry with you.

Reducing your plastic consumption at home, at work and when you go shopping and favor bulk foods.

Recycling your plastic and glass wastes.

You can also bring your support to Ian Carter and contact him at gogogreen12@gmail.com for more information about the green actions undertaken!





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