Project Clean Uluwatu

UluwatuUluwatu, located in the south-west of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, began to be a famous surf spot in the early 80’s.
As a result, with the increasing attraction of tourists in its cliffside edge, Uluwatu saw its water and beaches polluted.
The collaborative NGO, Project Clean Uluwatu, was then created in 2011 to 
create sustainable development solutions for waste management.
The project whose aim is to preserve Uluwatu’s ecosystem is assisted by the surf industry and run by the local population.
The committee comprises local actors such as Ecobali recycling, Uluwatu Surf Villas, Rip Curl, Surfer Girl, Gus Foundation and local Warung owners


Solid waste management: Ecobali company collects the rubbish (stored in PCU bins) for recycling.
Ecobali and PCU have removed 30 tons of waste in 2011.
Organic trash is composted and plastic and glass are recycled.

Uluwatu 2

Waste management – Source PCU

Liquid waste management: PCU has removed 3 cubic liters of waste water per day since December 2013 and processed over 1,800,000 L of waste water that would have polluted the cave and the beach.

Education: The education program aims at raising awareness among the community regarding the environmental issues and to provide good environmental practices by organizing events and activities


How to help them?

By making direct donations on their website or through 1% for the Planet

By being volunteer for manual, administrative or sales tasks.

Or come and see them at their office located just above the iconic cave at Uluwatu behind Ulu’s Surf Shop and Cookie Ding Repair!


From the cave to the ocean




Pure waves

Click here to watch their short video on Youtube!

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