Serenity Eco Guesthouse


SerenitySerenity Eco Guesthouse, located in Canggu (South West of Bali) and only 5-minutes walk from the beach, offers a relaxing lodge and accommodation and various healthy activities such as yoga classes, surf lessons and traditional massages.
In accordance with the values of the owners, the guesthouse is based on ecological practices:

  • The house has been built in a sustainable way using mostly bamboo
  • They separate the rubbish: plastic and paper are recycled while organic waste is re-used as compost
  • They sell Kangen (alcaline water)
  • All landscaping and gardening are made by hand, no machinery
  • Recycled wood from the garden is burned and used to boil drinking water
  • They have permaculture gardens which provides fruits and medicinal herbs
  • They have an organic nursery, a waste-water garden and a worm farm. They use homemade micro organic fertilizers
  • The use of low energy light bulbs
  • The use of natural septic tanks
  • They serve organic food and juices
  • Eco-friendly products for sale (organic cosmetics and natural medicinal products)
Piscine Serenity

Swimming pool – Source Serenity Eco Guesthouse


Eco Bamboo house


Plastic and glass recycling


Rain water collection


Yoga & Meditation classes

The Guesthouse provides beginners and all level yoga classes everyday.
The airy yoga room is surrounded by bamboo infrastructures which gives a calm atmosphere.
You can choose among various yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin-Yasa, Hatha and buy a ticket from the reception desk to give to the teacher at the beginning of class or as a guest, you can pay the class prior the check out.


Serenity Yoga

Yoga class – Source Serenity Eco Guesthouse


Alkaline Restaurant

The Alkaline Restaurant offers healthy food and juices to nourish your body after a surf session or a yoga class.
Have a look at the menu, here!


Juice Serenity

Stamina Jamu juice with bamboo straw

Have a break in this cosy and relaxing Eco Guesthouse for a detox juice, a yoga class or a longer serene stay!

philosophy Serenity


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