Nadis Herbal

Nadis Herbal is a Balinese company that produces natural products based on Ayurvedic and herbal medicine such as teas, powdnadisers, essential oil and other beauty and spa products.
The company also organises Bali Nature Herbal Walks to educate about  the benefits of tropical herbs and plants.
Their product range has been inspired by family traditions and knowledge of the medicinal benefits of herbs.

With an everlasting need to improve their existing products and to discover new natural plants in the Balinese rich forests, they created a range of natural products for a better health and well-being.

The company has an organic farm where they get the natural raw material that they develop in their production house using traditional and natural processes i order to keep all the benefits of the products.



Organic facial masks – Source Nadis


Organic turmeric – Source Nadis


Organic hand cream – Source Nadis


Balinese Herbal Walks and Works

Nadis Herbal’s main value is to share:

  • the knowledge of nature: they organize a three-hour walk with an experienced guide to learn about traditional Balinese medicinal herbs.
  • the methods to make herbal Balinese medicine and cosmetics by organizing workshops in their store

Go on an Herbal Walk with Lilir or Westi (the founders of the company), they will teach you their passion for nature and its magic  products! As for me, I had a great experience!
You can book here!

Nadia Herbal store address:
Sweat Street No 15 Ubud


Range of organic cosmetics


Shop in Ubud

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