MITRA BALI is a fair trade oriented business, created in 1993, that exports local products worldwide and sells them from the shop located in Ubud (Bali).
The idea behind Fair Trade is really quite simple: Business practices that respect both human and natural resources.
In their business they do not only think about profit, they care about marginalized groups and try to include them through Fair Trade business practices.
Mitra Bali takes part in Bali’s economic and social development by encouraging a large group of handicraft producer to create quantities of crafts and souvenirs for tourists discovering the islandMitra. The presence and contribution of the tourists, who purchase these products, has lead to a growing number of work opportunities for people in the villages of craft producers, who have suffered from the prolonged crisis in Bali.
Their social programs: Mitra Bali Social Premium, Soft Loan, Toilet & Sanitation, Village cooperatives, Farming support, Cow advocacy

Mitra Bali is a member of several social organizations:

  • The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Global and Asia


  • The Forum Fair Trade Indonesia (FFTI) that is the reference fair trade organization in Indonesia


  • The Timber Legality Assurance System (L.A.S) that issues a certificate known as V-Legal



photo Mitra

Shop in Ubud



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