WWF is non-governmental organization founded in the 60s by a group of British scientists in order to raise awareness among people to conserve the environment.
The main missions consists of: protecting animals, conserving the ecosystem, reducing the ecological footprint and promoting the energetic transition.

In New Caledonia, the office opened in 2001 in order to to conserve the natural heritage.
The team work contributes to develop conservation and sustainable actions in the 4 ecosystems to preserve on the island:

Dry forests
Tropical forests
Fresh water
Coral reef

They also establish plans to reduce environmental threats such as: fire, invasive species, mining industries, waste, pollution and global warming.
In order to mobilize the local population to protect the environment, they organize education programs, and skills development supports.
Among the different projects they took part in, we can note the registration of the New Caledonia lagoon in the UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008.

You can follow all the WWF projects of New Caledonia on the Facebook page WWF Antenne de Nouvelle Caledonie

Come and join the team to bring your support as a volunteer and take part in the eco-programs they offer!


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